2015 was a very successful year for Ozark Vermiculture.  Dedication in producing quality products and being proactive in customer relations is giving us a reputation of excellence second to none.

The local business in fishing worms exceeded my expectation. I have doubled production for 2016. 

I have also doubled production of our 99% pure worm castings, and production should be doubled again by years end.  I will have none available for new customers, probably until 2017.

The retail mail order business for Redworms and European Nitecrawlers is going in a new direction. Late in 2015, I was contacted by a large mail order vendor for composting worms, about drop shipping my worms for him. I have agreed to sell the entire 2016 production to this vendor. For this reason I will have no worms for local or mail order retail sales for the entire year. They are also interested in buying my African Nitecrawlers in the future when production has been increased.

I hope to resume local retail and mail order sales of both worms and castings in early 2017.

I am looking into the sale of worm cocoons for all three types of worms I grow. I have been testing a innovative way of producing them and am trying a number of methods of hatching them so the customer will have a high success rate. I think this may be a far better deal for the customer, particularly those interested in starting with a large population of composting worms, than the sale and shipping of live worms that is today's standard.

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